5 health benefits of buckwheat

5 health benefits of buckwheat

Buckwheat is a gluten-free nutritious grain that has no relation with wheat.

Buckwheat seeds are called groats and are referred to as a pseudocereal.

According to several studies, buckwheat has been proven to have a wide range of health benefits. 

  1. Gluten-Free

Buckwheat is naturally free of gluten and it is being more popular among people with celiac disease or grain sensitivities. This grain can be widely used in many recipes as a gluten-free alternative to wheat and barley.

  1.  Plasma cholesterol level reduction

Buckwheat is considered a heart-healthy food that is high in antioxidants. It reduces inflammation and lowers "bad cholesterol” levels. 

  1. Blood Pressure Stabilization

Rutin, found in buckwheat, is responsible for lowering blood pressure. 

  1. Rich in Fibers

Dietary fibers keep the digestive system healthy. It helps you in losing weight by making you fuller for longer periods, 

  1. Has anti-diabetic effects

Studies indicate that D-chiro-inositol, a compound found in Buckwheat, increases insulin sensitivity and helps in diabetes management.

At "Mortben" we use buckwheat in plenty of recipes and our most famous jar is the Buckwheat Bulgur. 

Bulgur is a highly loved dish but it is wheat-based and cannot be consumed by many people, so we created a very similar recipe that is gluten-free and equally delicious.

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