Did anyone say chocolate?

Did anyone say chocolate?

Well, Mortben said! Chocolate is highly accused of taking part in some health problems including tooth decay, excess sugar, being overweight, … and some others. However, this is somehow inaccurate and generalized where it speaks of all kinds of chocolate as one, and doesn’t take quantities consumed into consideration.

When chosen right, chocolate can be a healthy addition to your meals. Low sugar (or no sugar added), a higher percentage of cocoa, or dark selections of chocolate or cocoa can be part of a very nutritious balanced pattern, while satisfying a chocolate craving, adding antioxidants and magnesium needs, and providing us with heart-healthy nutrients.

Eating chocolate is something normal! No guilt feelings should be attributed to it, as this will cause an unhealthy relationship with food, chocolate specifically, and lead to binge eating or an uncontrollable craving cycle. In other words, labeling chocolate (or other food) as completely off limits will result in an increased craving for that item, exaggerated consumption of it, and guilt feelings afterward, then restricting that specific food as a kind of punishment or “dieting” and that is the very start of the vicious cycle around restricting (extreme dieting) – binging and so on. Moderation, balance & variety are the pillars to choose your foods, whether it comes to chocolate or others.

That’s why we’re here to moderately incorporate your favorite chocolate & cocoa to satisfy those sweet taste buds! Have you tasted our Choco peanut or chokeberries overnight oats? You are cordially invited to do!

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