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Lunch Packages

Lunch Packages

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A practical lunch package on the go


Mortben's meals are prepared from natural and organic ingredients.

- Rich in superfoods

- Free of refined carbohydrated

- Free of hydrogenated oils

Package content

The full meal packages consist of: Breakfast, lunch, salad, dinner and snack(s)

The lunch package consists of: Lunch, side, and a snack

Our week starts on Monday and ends on Friday

Reuse policy

Return the jars and help us reduce plastic waste


We deliver your meals in a reusable bag on Sunday, Monday afternoon, and Wednesday afternoon.

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Wholesome & personalized meals!

When you choose one of our preset packages above, you'll receive a free nutrition consultation so our dietitians can assist you in your health journey!

For a more personalized experience, fill out the nutrition form.

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